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Monday, February 4th, 2013

In The capsule of Speed
Gainesville, Florida
Within the capsule of the speedy plane we, the passengers, remained very still, immobile. We were as if frozen in time. Having it been necessary I arrived early in order to make that 6:10 AM flight to Florida, I shared in the same karma along with everyone else on that American Airlines. By the time we launched off the ground we were all on part two of sleep.
My final destination for the day was Gainesville. The airport is pleasantly puny, yet tiny as it is, and as obvious as I am in my robes, my ride just couldn’t find me. Of course, I darted out for the outdoors as soon as possible through the front entrance to meet real air while being in anticipation for the pickup.
“This might be the only walking I achieve for the whole day,” I thought. I was right, because the day was filled with other doings, which included a meeting of the members of the Krishna House situated near the campus. This is where students have the best of both worlds. At Krishna House you can live in residence and benefit from the spiritual program, and at the same time not neglect your studies at the U of F.
We are mainly looking at young students who came who are so enthusiastic for kirtan. I stepped into a lively session that was in progress. And kindly enough, the lead singer asked me to take over. After the good sweaty kirtan, we all sat down and they asked me to speak from the Gita on the chapter, “Nature, The Enjoyer, and Consciousness. “ The verse, “purusho prakrti sto hi…” deliberates on the soul’s stepping into prakrti (material nature) for the first time and entering into the world of wonder and change and speed.
It’s a different world from the realm in which we came. It’s exciting at first glance, then it eventually turn pale and even terrifying. The verse goes on to express that the vulnerable soul passes through good and bad experiences. How true this is.
At the end of my talk, Marlin from Cuba raised his hand to get my attention. Indeed, I let him speak. Very emphatically he voiced insistent on the pleasure that is derived from the change of bodies, “It’s all a happy experience when you live for the moment.”
“Yes, Marlin, I agree, but some people do not karmically have the capacity to see things as you do in a positive light. They have a negative perception on all they see, and they admit their suffering. Therefore, I suggest that whether happy or distressed, let’s just honour the higher taste – the spiritual outlet of Krishna consciousness and move on, or rather, move out of this world all together, and reach the destination of the painless spiritual world.”
I believe that Marlin’s passion on his point subsided and that he bought into the idea of the advantages of being devotional.
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