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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Holes on the Path      

Georgetown, Guyana

The coastal road in Guyana is rather decent. I met the engineer four years ago when it was freshly being paved. He happened to be a guy from Hamilton in Canada and he was an East Indian Hindu. Nice guy! The secondary or residential roads are another story. They are holey as holey could be. (“Holey” as in potholes). With the monsoons being what they are right now those fairly large moon craters collect rain water, hence you have the dynamic “It was pouring cats and dogs and I was stepping into puddles”.
There is a seawall as a safe haven which has few cavities, although I discovered it to be somewhat unholy. The other evening when we climbed up the top of the wall a man on the other side of the wall was just pulling up his pants next to his girlfriend. I found it a little odd. Then further on other brahmacharis and I noticed numerous cars parked next to the seawall. They were not empty, so I figured it out that at this time of day it might not be the best route for a group of monks. This is lovers lane.
Now, this evening my host Khemraj hosted major satsang gathering at his green painted house. The principle highlight for the evening was the hard-worked-at drama ”Gita Concise” with the youth. Each member of the cast was new at stage presence yet when they stepped up on the riser with lights pouring over them and grand music (permission allowed) to fill the space, I was super proud of them. Krishna’s message got out there in a beautiful and as classy way as possible.
“Well done” I thought, “well done”!
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