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Tuesday, February 12th, 2012

Kept joyously busy
Georgtown, Guyana

I am kept extremely busy in Guyana. My classes have been highlighted with the topics of "Morality First, then Trancendence"," the ultimate welfare work" and "seeing oneness without dualities" both morning and evening programs are well attended. Then it came time for a vist to our Crane Temple, I saw it was a healthy turn out for a working day, we engaged the group for verse memorisation,in perticular 5:25 from the Gita.

So little time was left for walking, on our way from Georgetown our driver was kind enough to let me and other passengers at the leisure of the bridge, "old rusty" we had that extra twenty miniutes to kill. I wholudn't use that nomenclature for the bridge to co-walkers we met mid way walking modestly but in an inspection mode was Mr.Walter Willis, the bridges engineer. He is well known in Guyana so the boys pointed him out to me as we got close to him. It appeared that he was looking at the bridge's maintenance as he had three workers with him. I took the opportunity to say, "thank you for the bridge". I let him know that we appreciate the walk way protion of his craftsmanship.

So much time that they were occupied in the drama practise with the mix of good fun and discipline for a warm up session I had our cast do a host of things including selecting a person to give an over the top description of the recent Sunday feast preparations, all had to respond. In acting you recieve then respond which then is followed up by a response which is then followed up by another .....thats how a drama unfolds if not life it self. In fact its is through the natural method of recieve and respond that the drama of life persists and its how we keep busy.

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