Monday, 4 February 2013

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

Meetings – Walk-ins


Toronto, Ontario

Before putting my feet to task today, I was tied up in meetings. These meetings of course are another form of sangha (spiritual association). There were 3 sanghas in a row, and I partook in the first 2, to do with visionary objectives, addressing challenges, conjuring strategies and so on. We had a talk about arranging our own youth bus tour for Canada, and then a talk about acquiring a stage for our devotional entertainment. We also spoke about looking at how to pursue or secure a rural retreat involving land and building.

My laurels got fatigued during these sessions, but mind and spirit did come alive. There was a feeling of progress made, of moving ahead and conquering maya (illusions).

The prasadam (spiritual food) is just fabulous on Saturdays at the ashram, and today was no exception. The consumption of the sacred and edible is a true delight. Then, Ashok came to visit. He’s a First Nations flautist, and often pops in with an assortment of flutes. He comes to play before the deities of Krishna. A beautiful serenade. Ashok has some East Indian blood in him, but from what I understand, he does maximize his time with his more predominant Native background, apart from mingling with mainstream society. He partook in the excellent prasadam available at the ashram.

Elesh also came around with a specific purpose. He’s well known internationally as an actor on a reality TV show from India. His talents have no limit. I asked him to come to show one of our monks, Maha Mantra, some bhangra dances for an upcoming drama that I’m taking to the stage in India and South Africa. Elesh enjoyed a plate of prasadam also, that’s our culture. You must have something to eat when you visit the ashram. There were multiple visitors after what seemed to be multiple meetings. And then there was time, yes time, that most precious of all cosmic features. Time allows space or room for activity. My physical, psychological and emotional needs drove me to don my most biggest coat, my most able boots, and determined will to put indoor comforts to the side and to move forth on a walk.

After 2 ½ hours of taking to the streets for the balance of the day’s activities, I returned to the ashram and honoured the leftovers of most delicious prasadam.

10 KM

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