Friday, 22 February 2013

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Real Richness
Montreal, Quebec
Sweet memories pass by me as we read the signs east bound on Highway 401. They were memories of the summer past when I did take the parallel route at a walker’s speed – much more of a civilized pace. Between Daruka, my support person, and I, we made many more friends that way than the rocket speed of 120 km/hr of today.
But then, I can’t complain. I’m moving along as part of a modern day caravan. Three vans carried 16 of us who were destined for Montreal. Everyone here, musicians and actors, are comrades and are members of our Krishna community. We share the same culture and the same food.
At a truck stop, we indulged in our favourite travelers fare, Russian potato salad. Once the snacks, or meal ceased, we continued on with the journey engaging in a read from the Gita, a way to keep the driver perked up. Our best companion was Surya, the sun. He revealed everything about a winter’s world – snow and tracks of the snowmobilers, as well as men ice fishing on a frozen lake. Finally we reached Montreal and the location of Pie Neuf Blvd for the temple where we were to perform.
We began with Dhira Grahi using his golden voice on a bhajan. The tiny backup orchestra included a violin, flute and bass guitar and more. An appreciative audience listened. And then came the drama, 'Gita: Concise' with the mind expressing himself with his explosive, “Oui! Non! Peut Etre!” Remember, it’s a French audience.
The day was rich with devotional activity. Since entering into a devotional culture 40 years ago I’ve understood that real wealth has nothing to do with money.
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