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Monday, February 18th, 2013

The Family Spirit
Ottawa Ontario
This is known as Family Day in the province of Ontario. That means that it extends the weekend for a lot of people and allows for, I guess you could call it, extracurricular activities.
Our little pilgrimage performance troupe took full advantage and spilled over our weekend into a visit to Jeanne D’Arc (that is Joan of Arc), a suburb of Ottawa. Our caravan took to Highway 40 to Montreal as we witnessed others outside the human species out there in the raw environment.
A family of wild turkeys were picnicking right next to the highway as traffic was whizzing by. Their dark features and massive size made their presence so obvious against the blanket of the snow. It was an actual couple, I believe, he being the taller alpha male type, and she being comfortably just behind him. The rest of the clan was probably on the other side of the snow bank. They tend to travel in flocks. In my heart I was glad to see them taking the opportunity to honour Family Day as they were pecking at who knows what, at least not at each other. We don’t need dysfunctional family scenarios. Isn’t that the monopoly of the human beings -sadly?
What does seem to work for humans is an application of kirtan, it draws not only biological togetherness, but pulls in people of different backgrounds. This is what we found as our caravan unloaded to our kirtan session at a community centre in Jeanne D’Arc. This was the real family, sheltered under the umbrella of the good sound vibration.
Chanting breeds the real family spirit.
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