Thursday, 28 February 2013

Monday, February 11th, 2013

One Month Ago
Georgetown Guyana
One month ago some thieves entered our Berbice temple compound in the night, stole some gold ornaments from the altar and in the process strangle to death our security guard. Theft and murder have been common occurrences in Guyana since this unfortunate mishap took place locally our leader Vibhu Prabhu, expressed that he does not want any visitors to be at risk, so my east coast plans in Berbice and beyond are cancelled. This left me with more time available and with a humble request from the Georgetown followers to conduct a drama, they were eager to learn, I consented and so a drama workshop was arranged low and behold we pulled a cast together from youth unknown to me I offered a prayer, wished for the best and depended on Krishna on Thursday evening we will put on a show an half hour version of the drama "Gita :concise".
In the midst of the organization and the training of the earnest and inexperience a trip to downtown was called for, for Harinam chanting I tried to pull in from the public some black folks for the dancing because they are just the best. The Stabroek Market square was the venue with its bee hive of activities.
Fom there I was whisked away to be brought to NTN TV network for a live one hour show to touch on the topics of spiritual relevance in these modern times, how to protect our youths from this trap and sure enough question came directed to the power of spiritual walking. The public phoned to lodge questions in addition to the moderator's own quarries
After the interview I made an appeal to my driver to walk the sea wall with five youth, members of our cast joined me for a bold walk on the narrow sea wall which virtually keeps Guyana from drowning which is 6 feet below sea level near Georgetown and along the coast. The wind is strong there and I took this opportunity to grow sufficiently sleepy for the night to ensure good rest.
My host, Khemraj, confirmed that when residents here want their baby to sleep comfortably they will take their infant to the sea wall and have the wind do its thing and put the child fast to sleep. This technique works as I ended up gloriously sleeping once reaching my accommodation and for a good 6 hrs straight it’s almost unheard of.
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