Sunday, 24 February 2013

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

To Nitai
Dubai U.A.E

Any trekking I did today amounts to whatever it mean to walk down the airport corridors in Dubai. While on flight 242 Emirates I kept myself occupied, even caught some sleep suprisingly. I did take a few minutes to compose this poem dedicated to the avatar Nityananada aka Nitai, Known for his dispursement of mantra power in the early 16th century India, Here it is":

To Nitai

He is indeed by far
The mercy avatar
For he bore the blood
During the love flood.
As companion to Gaur
Life as " less is more"
Distributing a wealth
For everyone's health.
Committed to the name
And establishing its fame
He went door to door
In the effort to explore.

He when with Haridas
Making gains- no loss
With interesting reception
Prepared for all rejection.

Jagai/ Madai there in queue
There loud gregorious two
Met more then their match
When Nitai did despatch.

They swayed, they fell,
Totally drunk as hell.
Nitai gave a thought,
"These men shall not rot.

Must be given a chance
To sing and to dance
To the ultimite sound
Head up, feet to the ground.

If they can suceed
That's all we need
Gaur's mission is won
To home we will run!

Unknowing such a plus
They raised nasty fuss
Hit the head of Nitai
As if to say, ' Good - bye'

But Nitai did stand up
Told Gaur not to chop
The two their life to spare
Hearts turned then and there.

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