Friday, 14 May 2010

Wednesday, May12th, 2010

What can Dualities do?

Toronto, Ontario

On walks I am constantly reminded of life’s dualities. As soon as I step outside I will decide which way to wear my chuddar (shawl). It’s either tossed over the shoulder or wrapped around the torso in cooler weather.

It is a cold May. April was gorgeous. What a reversal of situations.

Here’s another duality. The birds sing incredibly nice at this time of year. What would the world be without those fabulous singers. Yet some of these feathered friends are known to be major carriers of tics who create lime disease. I have a personal friend who spent his time as a monk in our ashram here (before he got married) and who has contracted the disease. He swears it was the little finches that arrived at his backyard that were the carriers. He explained to me that initially he saw them as cute critters but now his view of them has altered somewhat.

After today’s walk and onto some administrative work circumstances put me in a non-hostile disagreement with a colleague. By the time the day was over we were on friendly terms despite an emotional stir. Such is the nature of this world.

On the topic of duality I am always reminded of Chapter 2 of the Gita wherein Krishna states “winter and summer seasons, like happiness and distress , arise from sense perception. From this we learn tolerance.”

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