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Monday, May 17th, 2010

What’s Not Sacred?

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Daruka, my former cross Canada support person, joined me for the morning trek around Boulevard Lake. This is not a sacred pool of water or place of pilgrimage such as Vrindavan where Krishna roamed, played and touched every square inch of space. It is a pool of water thousands of miles from India which was dammed to produce electricity over a century ago and ultimately spills into Lake Superior, one of the Great Lakes in Canada.

In Vrindavan, pilgrims circumambulate a temple before entering. In many cases such foot pilgrims take to parikrama marg, the footpath that encircles the entire town. Either that or it is common practice to circle around the tomb of a saint or the sacred Tulasi plant. That is the tradition of revering an object or grounds that are sacred.

Daruka and I are not in India but we had taken to mobilizing ourselves going clockwise around this lake. It is not the Radha Kunda or Shyama Kunda of Vrindavan, two sacred ponds in that district. The two of us must reconcile this dilemma and authenticize our action. Here are my thoughts on this which I have mentioned before:

We have to insist that the lake before us is also sacred. What qualifies it as such is simply that it’s the energy or the product of God. That’s all! This is not to marginalize the well established sacredness of a place like Vrindavan but rather to capitalize on the sacred potency of all that is around us.

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