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Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

In Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia

Westjet Airlines, which I took to Vancouver like all airlines, have their very own travel flight magazine. "Up" rated Vancouver as the number one walking friendly city in the nation. I'm inclined to agree when it isn't rainy. Seriously, I do like walking in this very pretty city. But once I got out of the terminal I couldn't walk. I had to wait. My driver was there. He just missed me. While waiting, I had a chance to meet a member of the band "Fields of Green". Let's call him Steve. (I don't remember his name.)

Steve had his acoustic guitar in his case next to him at a sitting bench. His band plays everything from rock to country music. I told Steve about my love for music and how my Dad always liked to play something on the gramophone like "Singing the Blues" or Lucille Starr. In any event, music became an addiction for me. I told Steve, I floated from rock to folk, to blues, then classical to raga and finally kirtan.

Steve knew about kirtan, its magical sound and potent effect. Apparently, he was exposed to it in his hometown, Kelowna, where he heard the sound "Nitai" and "Gauranga". It's good to know the good vibration is getting around.

At nighttime, sound waves took over the ether in the Burnaby temple. One of the favorite avatars of Krishna devotees, Narasingha, the half man, half lion incarnation, was being honored. The local devotee actor, Peter Konikow, did a great job as narrator of a drama using as its subject this powerful avatar. It seems like Peter always comes up with fresh ideas.

I did manage to squeeze in a fifty minute walk with Nipuna, my assistant during my stay here. We dodged those puddles of rainfall even though the darkness did well to conceal them. The sleep for the night was good. I believe it was the chanting for protection from Narasingha by the community youngsters that saw to my safety and deep slumber. Thanks to the youngsters at the Narasingha festival.

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