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Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Feel Good Event

Owen Sound, Ontario

Ruth is the mayor of Owen Sound, A small city bordered on Georgian Bay. What a charming lady she is. She and her husband take daily walks beginning at a nearby waterfall and religiously trek and trail. So her bio-sketch tells. I had no reason to doubt. I chatted with her at the Kelso Beach Shelter in the midst of her friends and my friends. We exchanged personal adventures of walking. She was present for a mini-festival.

When the Sun Times newspaper reps came they asked what the festival was all about. Rajesh Kaladia, a Krishnaite from the local area, organized the rather successful program. He wanted me to answer. Instead of grappling for an answer words flowed out even though no one thought to give the event a name.

“It’s The Feel Good Spring Festival”, I expressed rather confidently. Yes, Krishna made me say it. Turns out the journalist is a vegetarian. That became one of the main features of the Feel Good Festival-prasadam, nice veggie dishes.

Ruth enjoyed it. She spoke for a few minutes after being very gratified. Then our drama went on at the ampi-theatre, and a mantra rock kirtan, by the band Rajasi. People were dancing, they had a good time.

My dear god-brothers’, Garuda and Drupada took to walking to Rajesh’s home. The three of us joined Krishna Consciousness at around the same time and the same place-Toronto back in 72/73. Only I stayed single and took the monastic life seriously while they took to family life-seriously.

Anyway, it was dusk. A group of young people partying in the front of a residential home noticed my robes:

“Why the dress?” shouted one of the party goers.

“They are robes, I am a monk.” , I replied

“Well, it looks sexy.”, he said.

I just gave a thumbs up.

3.5 KM

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