Sunday, 16 May 2010

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

About Our Troupe Group

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Goura walked slightly behind us as we spiraled down Mount McKay on its paved path. He can be a bit of a loner, or shall I say he needs time for himself. He is a reserved type of person with a real big heart. The guy is an extremely evolved human and demonstrates it in the right company. He has great qualities and is a true dynamo on the stage of our devotional plays. I am truly elated to have Goura, the quiet guy from Pennsylvania, as one of our troupe members.

Another member, Nitai Priya is superb as an actress and singer. To a great degree she shows her perfectionistic side and has helped to raise the bar in our performances. If you have seen and felt deep emotions in life then it can be displayed evocatively with ease when needed. Nitai Priya is a hard worker with our drama presentations. Always enthusiastic to help others with acting, dancing or singing, she shows she is in the right place - performing for the pleasure of God. I don't know what I would do without her in her great service to Krishna.

Nitai, our second chap from Pennsylvania, at only 18, puts forward a good team spirit. Both he and Goura who live in the Toronto ashram benefit greatly from the experience. Nitai has a natural aptitude on the stage. He truly cracks me up on his computer addict routine. I am very inspired when a young guy like this volunteers a chunk of his life to service. Rabindranath Tagore once wrote "service is joy". Nitai knows this quite well.

It has been about thirty-five years ago or more that I have wished for having a real team to work with; where the synergy is set just right. I think I've found it. Nothing is permanent in this world. I hope that our little gem of a group will not disappear soon. We are performing to please guru and God.

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