Sunday, 16 May 2010

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Caution You Culprits!

Lake Superior, Ontario

The huge black bear that crossed the road in front of our van went slow but cautiously. Four members of our party spotted him while Goura and I proceeded ahead on foot at break time near a place called Marathon, a gold mining town. They were impressed with the massive furry body which was likely a male since they are usually much heavier in size than females.

Bears are out to get food. Within the last month they have been out and about after a likely six month snooze. The are attracted to fish and early sweet tasting plants. After a meal, if they happened to be near a man made trail such as the Trans Canada Highway which this one just crossed, they often leave a stool sample right on the road.

I have seen plenty of this feces business on my walking ventures. It's a sure sign they are around. Spring is a most exciting time for them, a time for adventure and activity, especially food.

Since our trip from Toronto at 5 AM, us passengers have seen dozens and dozens of signs warning us of "Moose on the Loose". The bear is less clumsy about crossing. Moose tend to be dull on the road. In the winter they are drawn to the salt on the road, at dusk and dawn to the relief of the road's breeziness (freedom from mosquitoes) and in the night to an automobile's headlights. Moose cause human death and their own by taking to the road. This is another thing I've seen while trekking along Canadian Highways. Usually the moose gets the worst of it.
This world is a place of trauma for man and beast. "Caution" needs to be always applied. Moose or bear fatality was hardly ever an issue (outside of the bullet or arrow) until the auto industry development. For our convenience we have created major inconveniences for other non human forms of life.

We are culprits once again.

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