Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Fourth Year

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Thunder Bay is a unique place in Canada. Geographically situated fairly central in the world’s second largest country, all the country highways funnel through this place. For the three cross-country walks that I’ve ventured, this city is undeniably and most hospitably unavoidable. Today it hosted its fourth Yoga Fest where people come to do more than just stretch leg muscles.

Superior Yoga Fest, named after the nearby glorious lake, is organized by our very own bhakti yoga practitioner, Prem, aka Dr. Jani. The program expanded this year from the use of one auditorium at Lakehead University to include also a gymnasium as well as outdoor grassy sections of the campus.

Our little drama/ kirtan troupe drove sixteen hours from Toronto to insert the bhakti yoga portion of the event. We performed the drama “Lonely People.” It was well received as a provocative piece. Chanting was also highly praised.

At the Yoga Fest’s closing, people enjoyed yoga food which we Vaishnavas call prasadam. Yoga instructors appreciated the masterful work of Prem, the facilitator, and many of the teachers I spoke to expressed their love for kirtan.

After all, the prophet’s passages found in the established books of yoga emphasize that to make yoga endeavours complete (or any endeavour for that matter) kirtan tops it off. Kirtan or chanting is the crown jewel of all yoga activities.

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