Sunday, 16 May 2010

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Veggie Walk

It will be the first vegetarian walk in the city. Scheduled for June 5th, human herbivores of various kinds will be holding a procession on a short section down the world's longest street - Yonge St. (1900 km). ISKCON has been invited to participate. In other words, some of us Krishna monks will be tucked into the group of animal activists and veggie mongers. We are expected to chant and drum during this novel walk. Hmmm! Maybe it will become a yearly program.

Sounds great! I'll be there! I have always loved this type of event where you get to mingle with the radical but satvic folks.

I ventured over to Yonge St., a mere two blocks away from the ashram where I live. It's a usual trekking trail for me, a very straight route with rarely a bend or a twist for miles. I was looking ahead imagining what it will be like on that day of non-violent promotions.

I looked at this street with a different view. It's like a straight-shooting arrow running north/south. For travellers it's a focus line. Without it you would be lost.

Spiritual life is like that. You follow a line, a guru, a disciplic succession. You follow this friendly rigid line and you reach a good destination point, a place where there is no enmity between one living being and another. There is no interest there to kill but to live along side one another in a most harmonious way. In the Vedas we call this perfect other world, Vaikuntha. Christians call it heaven. Other faith groups, some of whom may not necessarily prescribe to the meatless diet do believe in this world of no animosity.

All groups are inclined to accept a path of discipline, a restraint or control of the senses and a path of kindness.

I'm looking forward to the upcoming march or walk, whatever you want to call it. It will stimulate camaraderie. That's worth walking for.

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