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Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

A Walking Prep

Toronto, Ontario

The usual morning trek with the Penn boys and Praveen, didn't happen. Well it did, but without me. They went ahead and entered the ravine only to discover that nature's forces had come alive in the form of mosquitoes with voracious appetites.

My reason for the walking exclusion was to address the hunger needs of the residents in the ashram. It came as a surprise that Tuesday morning no one was scheduled to cook. I volunteered happily. What did I cook?

The menu for this morning breakfast was cereal, milk, fruit, chapatis (flat bread) and kichari. Kichari is what I consider a favorite kind of walking food. It's nourishing, filling, and colourful. It's a meal unto itself. I used to cook it on our camp out Coleman's stove during the marathon walks.

The ingredients I used are:
long grain rice
moong dahl beans
sea salt
fresh basil leaves
fresh rosemary
ground cumin
cauliflower chunks
broccoli chunks
fresh shredded ginger
olive oil


You start with adding your rice and dahl beans to the boiling water. Add salt, a tiny bit of oil and gradually add the veggies, herbs and spices. Serve after the rice and dahl have softened. Serve to the deity of Krishna while chanting some standard mantras. Then eat while it's hot.

When the boys came back from their walk and having completed the balance of the sadhana (spiritual workout), they dug into the preparation. The verdict was, "We are satisfied."

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