Monday, 31 May 2010

Friday, May 27th, 2010

I Will Pursue It!

Burnaby, British Columbia

Nipuna, Chaitanya and I tread the same route as yesterday. We saw the same cyclist as we saw the previous day, and at the same juncture. We also saw a pedestrian on crutches on the same trail at the same time as yesterday. The sky hadn't changed over the two day period. It remained overcast. In other words, the sky was the same. We were walking and we were chanting. Of course, it was the same mantra as yesterday. We would not dare change that.

I had come to visit Vancouver, seeing many of the same community members, all rather happy. There were a host of young kids, very new to me. And I saw changes in some of the more senior folks. Some middle-aged had intensified their hair color. I guess one person had a fresh dye job. Another person's hair had been solid with one shade and now that has been broken up with grayness leaving a pleasant salt and pepper effect. So I noticed some adjustments.

There is the usual crowd, but there are also new faces including a woman who was formerly a Mountie officer, turned yoga teacher, and is now practicing bhakti yoga. It is certainly a welcome sign to see young and new people coming to explore a higher conscious experience. It came to mind that as we journey through life, we encounter the old and the new, the usual and the fresh. Tomorrow, I will meet with young members of our community and conduct a workshop with them.

An idea sprung up. On the Burnaby property, there are a number of senior citizens living there. Why not give them some attention as well? I am thinking about starting up a one night a week program for them where they assemble in the temple room to engage in hearing and chanting. Such a program would be welcome. It seems like the right thing to do.

I will pursue it and accommodate the new and the usual.

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