Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Sounds In Owen Sound.

Owen Sound, Ontario

One goose was perched on top of the church roof. Another one stationed himself at the house next to it also comfortable on it’s roof. They had a perfect back and forth dialogue. Who knows what they were saying? Cracking jokes maybe? But there they were, up before everyone else. Only this solitary monk walking by (me), a police officer sitting in the cab of his car waiting just in case and a quiet fisherman hoping for prospects seemed to be stirring about in the peaceful, clean harbor of Owen Sound.

I contemplated on the words of the local pastor who came to our chanting session last evening. I was impressed to see her interest and involvement with what appeared as a “different “ religion. In her mind it’s all the same objective-getting closer to you know who? She pointed to the statue on the home shrine of our host and said to her son, “look at the Dalai Lama”.

“We do have some resemblance to Buddhism but there are some philosophical differences. That statue is the resemblance of our guru, Srila Prabhupada”. She was happy to get informed. The engagement at Owen Sound was spiritually surcharged last evening. But in the life of the spiritualist the joy never ceases. Our little drama troupe, whom devotees insist on calling Swami Productions, drove to Scraborough to join the Bangledesh community in a 24 hour chanting session. Our commitment was 2 hours only. Calluses were popping on the drummers hands, chanters strained their voices and all those who danced deposited extra sweat drenching clothes and floors.

It was another day of glory as is everyday.

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