Thursday, 1 October 2009

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Tearing Up Your Own Roadway

Toronto, Ontario

It is not difficult to notice the surface on which you step. Naturally in a city there is asphalt, concrete and rare spots of grass. In some areas chewing gum blobs have plagued the pavement, appearing as thousands of dots of oral rejects. The street, too, loses any aesthetical quality (if every there was some) to the work of construction crews. I am aware that power, water and sewage lines under our feet need attention. It’s called maintenance. Unfortunately, the road gets broken up and then closed in and filled up, leaving an uneven surface and a patchy job. The sight is not the least bit pretty.

It just seems that someone is always working at the guts of our thruways and sidewalks. I don’t know if it is more prevalent in North America than other parts of the world. I know that in Fiji, some of the roads, even for the tourists, are literally the pits. There’s the road to Mayapura, India, which is pathetically unattended to.

As one who is fond of walking, uneven surfaces are not always so bad for the feet. It is great reflexology, and the feet are more agile at handling it than automobile tires. I must resolve within and not complain too much about the road and sidewalk state of affairs. When I see a sign that reads, “Men At Work”, I know that someone is trying to make improvement. As far as tearing up the road and redoing pipes is concerned, I guess it can be analogous to us digging inside and replacing some of our bad stuff with some good stuff. I’m referring, of course, to the chanting and the tearing into our mind that we require to purge. If we get our internal pipes and conduits clean, especially the heart, then we are doing good.

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