Monday, 19 October 2009

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Wrap Up

Mumbai, India

It was wrap up day in Mumbai for senior peers in Krishna Consciousness. In age I’m somewhere in the middle, 57. While in Mumbai a visitor to the temple, an American, Bhavananda and an early member to ISKCON turned 70. Another friend Ambarish (the great grandson of Henry Ford) turned 59 not long ago.

One of our work-in-progress committees for the week in Mumbai is a succession committee, a group working on the mechanism for smooth transfer of administrative duties to the next generation. My committee is the constitution committee and our group has been drafting a constitution for our spiritual society. Other areas of work that have been going on in committee efforts of strategic planning are Parallel lines of authority (parallel refers to guru and institution); Devotee care, Position of the Founder, Prabhupada and outreach strategies.

It’s progressive work necessary as we enter into the world of change. The worst thing is to be time-warped and try to operate exactly as we did in the sixties. We do live in a different world today and if we are smart we will examine the changes, make adjustments without compromising philosophy and tenets of the tradition.

With regards to putting closure to the stay in India I managed to secure some homeopathic medicine to address the ongoing planters warts on my right foot. And to finish the needs of the heart I was asked to lead the chanting session for the final arati (service). Once again it was a good sweaty work-out session.

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