Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Monday, October 5th, 2009

A Birthday Threesome

Brampton, Ontario

I’m 57 today and there was an exuberant party. Nimai was also there. I would say the merry time was also in his honour because it also happened to be his appearance as well. As a monk living in the same ashram he follows the same regime as me though for him it has become deregulated for him lately. Nimai is having some trouble keeping up the pace. It’s understandable, he is in his 80’s.

When I asked him about his age he was unsure. “87”, he said, but other sources informed me that he is four years younger. It doesn’t matter, really. He’s getting up there in age.

And there is one other difference between Nimai and I apart from his having seniority over me. He is from Navaduip, a sacred destination in India’s West Bengal. I cannot take such credit as that. My birth has less sacred circumstances. Somehow or other by the karmic swing of things we are sharing some similar space together.

Another birthday boy emerged from the crowd-Mukesh. He is also 57 today and was born in the evening while my mother say I was out in the morning. With India’s time zone is ahead by 10.5 hours that puts Mukesh and I very close in terms of birth canal arrivals.

Mukesh, Nimai and your humble servant enjoyed the meal of our lifetime. Cake was there but I’m a sucker for salty stuff. All the great food via prasadam, food offered to Krishna.

It was just the best birthday gathering ever.

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