Friday, 2 October 2009

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Patience and Swiftness


The flight from Florida was restful. The wait at customs was restless. The lines were long. Many flights came in at once and hence, unusual lengthy and bottle neck cues manifest. What to do? It seems that much of our life is tied up in waiting and being patient. The problem with living in that part of the world which runs on effieiency is that one is not always prepared for accepting obstacles.

In the matter of taking steps towards spiritual progression, those of us who have been on the path for some years know that if patience isn’t applied, you may abandon the spiritual pursuit altogether. As it is said, patience is a true virtue. Even God-in-the-heart is patient with us. Otherwise we would have no hope.

Since we have touched the topic of efficiency, I would like to relay an experience I had just tonight that pertains to that.

I took an evening japa walk on Toronto’s Bloor Street, and just two minutes before I reached the scene of an incident, a young man administering CPR on the victim hoping for breathing revival. I stood there chanting. From the distance, sirens sounded within an emergency’s moment. Two police patrol cars, two ambulances and one fire engine truck arrived at the scene with the utmost speed and saw to the helpless man’s needs. The service men (police, paramedics, etc.) moved with concentration on their job. It was impressive how much care was orchestrated amongst these men.

The victim remained unconscious while being swept away by the paramedics. I wish the patient well. I had to admit that the boys had come to his aid exercised cooperation, care and concentration in a way that moved me. They are well trained to become smooth operators.

Now let’s see how focused and fast those of us are who have taken the vow to save souls!

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