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Saturday, October 24th, 2009

City Slickers react


Some of our East Indian friends have made it rather clear in the past when they say something like, “We like the city, the country is too quiet.” That was the remark by one person who hails from North India, This was in response to an attempt made by some of us seeking a resort /retreat type of property away from the city. We are looking at ten years ahead when some of us retire. It certainly makes sense to start planning.

As a spiritual leader in our society I feel I have an obligation to reveal as many aspects of the Divine as possible. In Milton, one of our young family men Savyasacin, had arranged a group of men to explore Halton Fall’s trail while his pregnant wife had the girl’s over for the baby shower. We ended up in a golden world of autumn foliage and here you can see Krishna in an all-together different manifestation. Here he is not a murti or Diety, not a book, not an ethereal being in the sky or even a blue boy lightly scampering over the forest bed of leaves. Here he is His glorious natural self. Here He is nature.

As we trekked our trail to the falls the guys- two from India, another from Guyana, another Mauritius-all having the blood of Bharat (India) were starting to comprehend the unfathomable power of the absolute just from blazing a trail through nature. At the end of the line we held kirtan in this most perfect atmosphere. Tiny birds would land on our outstretched hands as the chanting came to a close. Then the serenity took over. “God is easy to find in the country, isn’t He?” I asked.

They all couldn’t agree more.

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