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Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Diwali In The Air

Brussells, Belgium

Today was Diwali day. India based Airlines “jet Airways” announced it over the P.A. system wishing all aboard a Happy Diwali as we boarded and disembarked the plane. The sun was in celebration. At least he made himself available here and in Toronto.

Diwali refers to the festival of lights and represents the New Year for many residents of India, especially those from the North. In a letter from our Guru, Srila Prabhupada, sent to a student he recommended how this grand day could be honoured. He indicated many lamps or ghee wick lights can be offered to the diety of the tmple. Ram had returned to to His native Ayodiya after he conquered Ravana, a terrorist at best. Ram returned with Sita, His consort. Laksman his brother, and an entire Simian army headed by Hanuman had also come to be greeted by overjoyed citizens of Ayodiya. This is what all the lights are about. “Ram is back! Ram is here to stay!”

The citizens had remained melancholy for fourteen years when their beloved Ram was absent from His Kingdom. His other brother Bharat decided to live as an acetic during this period. His meditation was fixated on the royal shoes of Rama and now with His coming home these shoes situated on a throne were brought back to Rama indicating that the period of lament is over. All citizens could go back and get on with their lives.

Colourful leaves fallen from trees were stirring about in the air, some in dance. It seemed they too were happy for Diwali in the setting of Cedarbrae park that I trekked after disembarking.

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