Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Mark Again

Toronto, Ontario

Mark came to see me again. I offered him some prasadam (sanctified food) but he declined because he has already eaten. It was sausage, eggs and other very traditional German food. Of course I’ll make the pitch for vegetarian eating but not just now. I’ve already touched on the benefits of an herbivore diet and I’m confident that in time Mark will make adjustments with food. There is no need to force issues with such an analytical and thoughtful young man. After all Mark’s nature is that of a Brahmana.

Mark first was introduced to me by Sunil Ram, a young father who was formerly with the Canadian Forces. Sunil offered to suggest that Mark needs a spiritual master. I will do the best I can to offer advice, some education of spiritual topics and friendship. We have begun to meet regularly to discuss the world and how we can contribute to improve the quality of life. I have been encouraging him to read the books by Prabhupada. He has been chanting and also sharing the maha-mantra with his younger brother. All this is good.

He originally hails from Germany and naturally we had made the ties in our discussions between Aryans of North India and the German race. No one has ever been able to authenticate an invasion by Aryan Germans into that area of ancient Bharat however. The theory has been pure speculation.

In any event I joked with this tall blond-haired thoughtful person that he has brought the German weather to us. The large massive arched window from Prabhupada’s quarters where we were sitting opened up to the outside view, a wet and overcast view.

Our meeting terminated and Mark rose from his sitting to enter into the fall weather for a refreshing walk back home . I also entered into that same atmosphere of leaf-tossed wildness keeping to a commitment of meeting the elements between meeting people.

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