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Tuesday, October 20th, 2009


Toronto, Ontario

A student of York university came to see me to ask questions. He retired fifteen years ago and, as of late, he has gone back to school. This time he took to learning about the various global beliefs. He became very intrigued with Hare Krishna. He showed me his text book used in his class. It presents a very fair synopsis of Krishna Consciousness and it’s co-relation to Hindu Dharma.

David who was raised as a catholic was rather amazed that India’s indigenous culture with it’s high spiritual overtones has so much impacted the world. He acknowledged the more east you go with Christianity the more of a Hindu flavour it takes on.

I asked him, “ Where do you suppose such things as the rosaries, icons, singing praises of He on high, the offering of food and drink, the recitation of sacred books came from ? Who started these things?”

“The brahmans”, he guessed.

“Absolutely, Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhism all sprang out of India and other major brands of spirituality have had some type of merge or marriage with the path of the Vedas.”

David was getting familiar with terms like Vedas (books of wisdom) and mantras, pure sounds. He came to learn more and with him entering his mature years (I didn’t take his exact age) it comes completely natural to inquire. I imagine many people go through these periods in life when they search deeply. As you enter childhood, adolescence and old age, when you are at the brink of a new phase you tend to stop and question. In our discussion David could appreciate humans have the proclivity towards such complications.

David really wanted me to come to his class when he and three other members of his group are due for their presentation on Krishna Consciousness. I would also like that very much. It’s just a matter working out a date.

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