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Monday, September 28th, 2009

Fins and Friends

Niranja, Florida

Dolphins are extremely bright creatures. I had always heard that but now I saw it for myself. Doctor Murari and astrologer, Gorga, both wanted to treat me to something different and so we drove to a canal where these playful aquatic mammals literally take you for a ride. There were a number of tricks they provided us members of an unofficial fifties club. I must admit that I got a charge out of alpha male and female and their granddaughter spinning and dancing while we chanted “Hare Krishna” for them.

We danced with the dolphins, but we also danced the with humans. That was in the evening at the home of Eva, a healer who uses a technique of water therapy. Eva’s Miami Beach program attracted family and friends for a hearing and chanting session. There was a strong presence of Spanish blood in the central room where our session took place and that is always great as singing and dancing comes natural to the folks of the flamenco strain.

On a more sober note, at eating time I spoke with one person who expressed his internal joy that God was teaching him a heap of detachment from this world. Recently his father cut him out of his will, a handsome sum, because of his chosen spiritual path which was different from his ancestral religion. Upon hearing the news initially, it hit him hard but more recently, he had come to terms with that reality and has become very uncomfortable with it. He’s had to let go and accept a special kind of mercy.

I really appreciated his mood.

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