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Monday, October 26th, 2009

What’s Up Outside Parliament

Ottawa, Ontario

There is something very bland about any government town. Maybe it’s the conservative nature of it’s citizens. Politics seems to temper the wild and party element of any city. It’s the grave nature of hot topics discussed and decisions made and resolutions passed that gives a city like that a certain stigma.

What saves such places are their museums and galleries.

It was an early rise, a shower, then stepping onto Somerset E. along the Rideau Canal, off to the Parliament buildings and the rear of them where you catch a trail along the Ottawa River. Then go by bridge over to the Quebec side, along La Riviere in the other direction to Alexandria Bridge to Chateau Laurier and then tracing back along the canal route again. It’s real pleasant. Security police from their cars give a nod at the Parliament. The rare pedestrian does also utter a “Hello!”

Next came morning sadhana consisting of singing, drumming. “Quiet but sweet”, warned Shankar the temple facilitator. “We cannot wake the neighbours on the other side of the wall”. It’s 5:30 am

After the chanting, myself and three other men discuss a verse from the Bhagavatam followed by a talk with Casper, a husband to be.

We talk about the “Enrich” course, which is actually a pre-marital counseling procedure. Like many church groups in some more progressive parts of the world our society utilizes as they do, a pro-active program for newly weds. It better prepares them for the future. I have seen it work.

Our future groom, Casper, was not aware but now he is. Because we live in a family friendly world devoid of extended family to give support something must be in place to help young couples enter an exciting but challenging stage. It’s something that Parliament or the White house can’t pass. It’s something communities must strive to succeed in.

Congratulations Casper on your engagement with Vraja McAllister. I may be an unmarried monk, but I’m 100% behind you.

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