Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Urban Edge Yoga

Toronto, Ontario

This is something to write home about. We have opened another centre in Canada. That makes it our seventh in seven years. To list them there is Halifax, Scarborough, Toronto, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, and Saranagati.

The grand opening for the most recent one is in Toronto at Bloor and Spadina, in the heart of the University of Toronto. And it’s called, “Urban Edge Yoga”. It’s just a twenty minute stint on foot from the temple at Avenue Rd. and Dupont. I had to put a hustle to my walk since I was the guest speaker for the evening event. My talk was called, “Attacking loneliness”.

Since Mangal Aarti, the main initiator of the project, had informed me that prior many people who had attended her bhakti yoga classes intimated to her that heartbreak and loneliness were some of the reasons they took to yoga, I thought the topic was pertinent or relevant.

The space at 700 sq. ft. did fill up and all were enthused. We premiered the play, “lonely” dealing with the same topic. In the talk as well as the drama we offered some hints as to what to do about this modern day epidemic. The main thrust was to establish your true identity and to act upon it.

One thing I realized at the end of the day is that I was not in the least bit lonely. I was extremely busy and had only enough time to walk to the Urban Edge Yoga which is 1 Km. I got a ride back.

1 Km

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