Thursday, 24 September 2009

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Only the Lonely

Toronto, Ontario

There is a new theatrical production brewing and the brewers are members of our newly formed drama troupe, Swami Productions. At the moment it is an unofficial name and we hope to change that to an official status. On the team is Nitai Priya, who moved here from Vancouver, Hridaya Gauranga, a monk from East Germany, and Mahavira (formerly Josh) from South Africa. We are also expecting a young member to our troupe, Nitai. I’m there as well.

Collectively pulling the script together is every one of us. We are all excited about the production called, “Lonely”. The topic is pertinent to today’s social situation. Loneliness has a kinship to depression, although they are not necessarily synonymous.

At the moment we are writing and brainstorming scenes where we will mix both comedy and gravity. For instance, we are shaping a short light episode about a young computer freak who leads a life in his own world of cocooning, and on the more serious side we will attempt to demonstrate the moroseness that can plague the elderly.

The Swami Productions team is very excited about the project and we will, in the presentation, offer some spiritual and practical solutions to the problem of loneliness and not just profile cases.

In my walking ventures, I’ve had much time to think about this subject while near feeling lonely myself. I certainly feel and see loneliness as a sign of the times, especially in the developed world. It needs to be addressed and this is why I thought to throw the subject on the stage.

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