Saturday, 19 September 2009

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Trail of Confidence

Toronto Ontario

As long as we lie in this world we will find something that is disruptive. Even when we endeavour to perform a benevolent task, obstacles stand before us staring us in the face.

Someone asked me today, "How do we deal with it?"

I suggested he stay on the forest trail and avoid the distraction. If it is a wild, ferocious animal, back up and go around him and get back on the trail.

"What if he comes after you?" he asked.

"Then you'll have to confront him, but get back on the trail after you've dealt with him."

In a way, I was preaching to myself because I had been confronted by some issues - issues that I could not ignore. They had to be dealt with and procrastination had to stop. As always, I find solace in walking down the trail (which could be a street). I walk and walk and walk and walk and chant. In the course of the pacing, I search for answers to troubling matters. Often enough, a solution arises or at least what could possibly be an alleviation of the problem. A scheme, an angle, an approach surfaces to the mind. Hope becomes reality.

While sorting things out, I came upon an old friend and then another wile traversing Yonge Street. I passed by a nun whom I greeted with a "God bless!" She nodded. Then a young fella with purple hair undid his iPod to ask me questions. I was happy. I was active and I felt confident. Inspirational. The most inspirational moments come from when you are walking. Nietze said something like that.

Confidence and courage surged and I felt I cold confront the issues.

9 Km

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