Sunday, 6 September 2009

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Sharks And All

Taveuni, Fiji Islands

I had contemplated a last dip in the Pacific near our hotel room. The water was clear and enticing. It would be a last cooling-off before flying to Suva. I revealed my mind which quickly dismissed the idea when locals told me that three deaths recently took place in this very area. Sharks! I was informed, however that if ever a shark does come towards you when you are submerged and you see him coming dodge him by reaching a lower level. He can come like a torpedo – very straight – but cannot maneuver very well. He will turn around and come back and you can try the same methodology again until you reach shallow water.

Thanks for the tips. I now can add it to my defence list how to deal with sharks. I’ve got the bear defence mentally rehearsed. And also how to avoid stepping onto a dead catfish – keep your footwear on.

I grew very fond of our little community here. Departing at the airport was a difficult thing watching them become small as we were hoisted away in the air. Such gentle souls! My dear god brother, a monk from the US, Bir Krishna Goswami, has some lovely children here in the form of sincere souls under his care. He is like their daddy.

Speaking of which today is “Fathers Day” in Fiji. That became my topic for speaking in Suva. It’s all about responsibility. There are lots of really good dads out there but we don’t hear about them. We only hear about the nasty ones; about people who are like sharks. People are less intrigued by let’s say sea horses who happen to be very good fathers. Our minds are like sharks. We want to take a bite out of everything.

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