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Friday, September 18th, 2009

Words, Comments

Toronto, Ontario

On my afternoon walk I caught people saying things that are rather cliché terms making use of the word “walk”. I passed by two young women and one said to the other “walking on eggshells.’’ Coincidentally on the same street one guy said to his friend in conversation “walked like a zombie”. These phrases were not in reference to me but what I found interesting was that walking was the theme.

Not related to the word ”walk” but equally intriguing was a group of three young girls who preferred to use as a connecting word the term “like”. It certainly demonstrated a common-day type of poor English. I happened to be behind them while we were going an even pace. I checked the use of the word “like” within one minute’s time. I clocked it to 7 times in one minute. I checked again and it was a whopping 10 times within one minute.

At that pace I believe these girls could possibly match how many times I chant the word “Krishna” in one day.

The final remark that was of interest while crossing a busy Spadina Street over the street car section was directed to me personally. A fellow shouted, “Are you a real monk?”

“Yes,” I shouted back. “I’m the real McCoy. I’ve been one for 36 years.”

“Thirty-six?” he said as he gave a thumbs up.

While trekking, you hear comments that are comical, considerate and sometimes cutting but you hear it all.

16 Km

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