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Wednesday, Septemerber 16th, 2009


Niagara Falls, Ontario

Our temple coordinator in Toronto, Subhuddhi, endorsed the idea. "Some of our boys needed a break, in particular, the kitchen boy. Take them for an experience to the world famous Falls." Agreed!

Good soul, Dwija Gauranga, a true hard worker in the ashram, drove us for the hour and a half trip. Once we arrived, our vanload of newcomers to the Falls were awestruck, of course. The tons of water dropping every second of the day were stunning. Shyamasundar, our local Ukranian artist, noted six different aqua colours in the water. I confess that I coldn't see it, but he's more the artist than I am. The sky with clouds manifest even more variations of colour tones. This I could see.

On a plaque affixed to the gorge wall is a description o the Falls' magnificence by Cuban poet Joseph Maria Herreria. His words flowed like the water itself.

Equally attractive is the Gorge that funnels downstream whitewater. It was here that we went for a dip after zigzagging our way downward through crevices of ancient rock. Picnicking was thrown into the package deal for the day of bonding as well as a walk through the main street of Niagara On The Lake, the country's prettiest little town. Just to observe the maintenance of foliage was inspirational. finally some of us tackled the waves of Lake Ontario with a swim, confirming that there are water babies amongst us.

The trip proved a few things: we are a little out of shape, we recognize beauty and the hand of God behind it, and we do like each other.

Spiritualists need to have fun together just like everyone else.

10 Km

Bhaktimarga Swami and chef Gandhiva overlooking the falls at our arrival

The swell of water before pouring out as one of the wonders of the world.

Our happy group with breathtaking backdrop. From left to right. Gandhiva, Dwija Gauranga, Bhaktimarga Swami, Hridaya Gauranga, Nitai Priya, Shyamasundara, Karuna Sindhu.

Fragile wild flowers frame the water's powerful majesty.

Bhakta Kevin from Buffalo (background) brought some handpicked apples and Shyamasundar, our local artist, is very happy to accept.

Bhaktimarga Swami admires the divine expression found in nature while enjoying a crispy apple.

Tons upon tons of water fall every second at Niagara.

A charming hidden waterway.

All admired the contrast and drama in the colours of the sky around the falls.

Onlookers snapped pictures as the monk and friends take a moment for prayer and reflection.

Feeling happy in the woods after an invigorating swim in the swift waters of Niagara.

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