Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Farwell Fiji

Nadi, Fiji

It’s parting time. Farewell to all the great souls who made my trip to this place of paradise so nice. I especially want to thank Radha Madhava and wife Swasti from Calgary for making the trip possible. Also I express gratitude to Visvanath at Suva for making excellent arrangements. Thank-you Jaya Rama. Thanks to all the cooks. Fijian cuisine is the best!

While on three of the Fijian islands by the grace of God a lot of ground on foot, led numerous chanting sessions and conducted a host of classes on the Gita and Krishna pastimes. The ocean swimming with Vaishnavas was phenomenal.

I should not fail to mention the fantastic time in New Zealand where much of the same activities took place. Kala Samvara, Thanks! Heidi, I couldn’t see you. You were in Wellington. I was destined to stay in the Aukland area.

For all those good souls in Vancouver That I know and that are a part of Fijian decent, I understand you more after visiting your homeland.

Two days prior to my leaving this land of the hibiscus two university professors came to see me both with the surname Reddy. They came of interest towards the walking mission. There was some mutual appreciation amongst the three of us. We are all walking advocates. I know we all dream that one day walking could become as popular as the use of cell phones.

Let the world walk for God!

7 Km

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Anonymous said...

Haribol! Haribol! Haribol! Haribol!

Great post, great pictures!

God speed on your journeys Swami!