Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

The Double Decker

Toronto, Ontario

Here was a great idea that actually manifest. Our stalwart “kirtan” man around here, Krishnadas, a god-brother of mine, a respiratory therapist.

“Kirtan” Means chanting and Krishnadas organizes kirtan on the streets. He did something unique. Instead of the usual smaller processional kirtan party equipped with instruments he arranged to rent a double-decker bus for a different spin on kirtan.

There it was pulled up in front of our ashram at 4pm with it’s fire engine red. Participants hopped on board after meeting Michael, the driver. There was a fee for the venture which lasted four hours. Both levels filled up with musicians occupying five seats on the top.

Once Michael set off and turned the corner to drive through the pedestrian frequented streets on our Magical Mystery tour, we found the response phenomenal. There was something ethereal about being up above street level. Our upper crew waved at pedestrians who reciprocated most joyfully. We seemed to float by and not drive by. It was “kirtan” that was not “in-the-face” of the public but a soft gentle flaunting of soft spiritual sound vibration.

The area we covered were the film festival district, Little India, the Beaches, the distillery district, the Greek area and wicked Yonge st. (according to Guinness, the longest road in the world).
Participants wanted to be informed of the next planned trip for a double-decker bus. We had so much fun!

The idea of a double-decker kirtan is, I believe, revolutionary. It was a dream that came true. It was a double – barrel shot at maya or illusion.

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