Sunday, 6 May 2018

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018

Georgetown / Port of Spain / Toronto

3 Countries / 8 Hours

Three countries.  Eight hours. Those were the dynamics of today. Guyana, Trinidad, Canada. Couldn’t do that on foot in one day. It was during those eight hours on Caribbean Airlines Flight 600 that I took notes from my journal of 2010 when I walked Trinidad.

It was the year of the earthquake in Haiti when 230,000 lives were claimed by Mother Nature and affected 3 million.  My two-day mini-marathon in Trinidad was on behalf of those victims.  Those notes from my journal of that year simply flashed me back to that extraordinary walk, which began from the Port of Spain Airport.

I recall, that at the time, the natural disaster which struck Haiti overwhelmed the world.  Practically, we have forgotten about it, and the 2004 Tsunami, which took the globe by surprise, is also behind us, because one disaster replaces another.

I also remember that the trek through Trinidad was a tough one—heat, heat rash, blisters, blood.  It was also in my memory that some of my godbrothers from Denver ventured over to Haiti to feed some impoverished survivors.  If I’m not mistaken, hot kichariwas on the menu.  These reflections came to me after I landed, as much as when I was in the air. I was walking on Bloor Street in Toronto.  People were enjoying the night café and bar life with little fear, and perhaps very little thought as to how lucky they are.

May the Source be with you!
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