Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Sunday, April 29th, 2018

Georgetown, Guyana

What is Good for Me in Guyana

To date it’s my favourite T-shirt so far.  A recent gift from a cool guy, Kyle, from South Africa.  It is very breathable and carries a great message. Of my collection of T-shirts, it stands out for its comfort.  Now here is what it says. “Leave the road take the trails.”  Indeed it’s a message to love.

The only problem is I feel a bit like a hypocrite because in Guyana, where I am now, I’ve tried some trails in the past.  The best, or most adventurous ones, would be in the interior.  The only thing is in the interior there is everything you could imagine that is poisonous.  That’s why I stick to the main roads.  It’s safe enough.  Watch out for beaches.  I got nabbed by a catfish spike in the past and got a severe infection in the foot. Reason tells that you must be practical.

In any event, I like this shirt.  Sounds like a Donovan song.  I wear T-shirts to bed at night.

It was tonight at the Crane temple—my second temple and second class for the day—that a whole slew of teenagers followed me as the sun was setting.  The distance was only about three kilometres, but it was something we really enjoyed together.

I also like walking and that, of course, is an understatement.  Good T-shirts and good walking companions, as well as two good verses from the Vedas, made my day.  However, while walking is low in distance these days, leg massage has stepped up.  What has become obvious to the kind massage therapists who are rehabilitating my limbs, somewhat, are the numerous bumps, the mercy of sand flies from a Trinidad beach. Sneaky little guys, they are.  I was joking that the surface of my legs were starting to look like bitter melon.

May the Source be with you!
3 km

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