Sunday, 6 May 2018

Thursday, May 3rd, 2018

Russell, Ontario

To Ottawa

At VIA Rail, I hopped onto Car 5, the train destined for Ottawa.  There were only five people, or passengers, in Car 5, so we had the luxury of a massive train unit all to ourselves as it moved along through flat, cedar-treed terrain.  It was lovely.

The sudden need to continue travel was to catch some time with a god-brother, Niranjan Swami, whom I missed while he was in Toronto.  Spending time with peers is one of the most spiritually nourishing things you can do.  Here is someone genuine and sweet, and despite his busy life, makes time for a friend.

I also took time for listening to Madhavananda, also of the U.S., who spoke to a group of us for two hours and forty minutes, on his realizations in life, and making cross-references to sastra(scripture) delineating the best of human traits.  He spoke to a group of forty on the qualities of pridelessness, tolerance, straight-forwardness and more.

I admit to being restless after some time, and bowed out of the scene to breathe in the good air.  Down Rideau Street I went, and met young students of Ottawa U. with twinkles and smiles coming from their eyes and faces.  One guy on a skateboard raised his hands in pranams.  My, oh my, how this city is taking on the mystic-cultural flavour.  I walked by the Indian Restaurant, The Ethiopian Eatery; so many diverse people.  So many souls with so many goals.

May the Source be with you!
4 km

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