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Monday, April 30th, 2018

Mahaica, Guyana

I Encouraged All to Chant

It was a rather large sangha—gathering of bhakti yogis—at a remote village in Mahaica where I encouraged everyone to chant with beads.  “It’s great therapy,” I implied.

I was rather surprised at the marvelous turnout of people, from young children to the elderly.  The sangha happens every week, hosted by an elderly couple—farmers actually—by the name of Brghu Muni and Dhara.  They grow all kinds of produce including a fruit, mammea, which I relished today at breakfast.

Like many homes in Guyana, Brghu and Dhara’s house is on stilts.  It’s understandable because Guyana can easily flood. It’s under sea level.  In fact, this morning I walked on the seawall near Georgetown.  It was good exercise.  At places it’s only about 15 cm wide.  It kept Saci Suta and I focused while treading along, and helped, in some way, to program my walking back to applying even weight to both feet, instead of the subtle limp I’ve been taxed with.

As we left the seawall to go back to the sidewalk, we met Leo who greatly expressed his appreciation for the Bhagavad-gita,with commentary by Prabhupada.  He introduced himself proudly as Leo.  “Leo stands for ‘Love Every One’,” he said.

I’m getting to know Guyana more and more, but there’s something I’ve known for some time, the audience is shy.  I had much to do to excite the crowd at the sangha.

I learned today that a tiny red bug can get into the depth of your navel and irritate like hell.  Krsna Jnan told me of his childhood growing up and how these grass louse bugs would get at you.  That’s the tropics for you.

May the Source be with you!
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