Monday, 14 May 2018

Thursday, May 10th, 2018

Toronto, Ontario

Two Monks on the Grass

I like the approach of sharing Krishna Consciousness in a cultural, entertaining way, over a forceful, in-your-face presentation.  Having some new talent in our midst, I thought, Let’s give it a try by having our best young monks—even if only two—display their ‘stuff’ in the least intimidating way.

Dwarkanath played his sarodin the temple this morning and it sounded so heavenly.  Karuna plays well on the mrdunga drum.  The combination is attractive.  “Let’s go somewhere within walking distance, lay out a madras, sit ourselves down, play the instruments, and see what may come of such ingredients.”

The experimental location was the corner of the Rosedale Subway and Yonge Street, a rather high-end neighbourhood.  The two monks took their positions while I stood back to watch the reactions from passersby.  I took some photos.  End result being that in over an hour’s length of time, pedestrians noticed. They did not feel threatened. Some folks stopped nearby the transcendental musicians to listen.  The most responsive was a Brazilian—Jose.

From my perspective, the two looked peaceful.  They could have smiled a trifle more.  Overall, it was good.  The downside was the sound of traffic obscuring the beautiful vibrations of the sarod.

Our small group of three will continue to find the ideal spot for such a sattvicpresentation.  We will continue to establish a good form of music and mantra over the coming pleasurable months.  Wish us the best.

May the Source be with you!
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