Sunday, 13 May 2018

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

Toronto, Ontario

Green Buds, Yellow Blossoms

Karuna and I walked the trail at David Balfour Park.  Laksman took pictures.  The ravine, with new green growth and yellow blossoms, was a magical place for us to be.

We came upon a person, a man, who was not ‘with’ the place, meaning he was lost.  Karuna and I tried communicating with him, but he was not there.  We met other people, all single males, who all felt one with the ravine.  They were ‘being’ there.  It showed in their faces, their words and how they expressed it in bodily language—a language of feeling nature.  Their words ranged from, “It’s great, isn’t it?” to the most lofty-spirited, “How are you?”

However, the one lost soul, mentioned earlier, was whimsically there in the ravine, a wanderer in the wilderness.  We felt for him.

This evening I conducted the “Tuesday Sanga,” a gathering of people at our ashram/temple. They came, twenty-five or so, to explore the Gita, Chapter 16, about Divine and Demoniac Natures.  The discussions were stimulating.  After the venture I met at least one good, good soul who used that term “lost” which is how I described our earlier fellow to Karuna in the ravine.

A new word was thrown in there along with “lost,” it was “locked.”  Those two words, united, have a haunting feel. Lost and locked.

To respond to what the good, good soul expressed about personal turmoil, I did what I could to appease by saying, “The world is a place of danger, exhaustion, of being trapped.  Let it go. Place your consciousness in a refreshed view of things.  You can walk out of the lost and locked world.  Call on Krishna to walk out with you.”

May the Source be with you!
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