Thursday, 24 May 2018

Saturday, May 20th, 2018

Fredericton, New Brunswick

She Remembered

I met Mary from New Brunswick.  She remembered seeing me on the road years ago when she was in Grade 6.  We both calculated that the year was 1996.  She said something about seeing me from the school yard.  I guess it left a strong impression.

On the railway bridge, so many people trekked along.  I was happy to see people taking to the walking culture and taking it seriously.  After the bridge I veered left, next to Waterloo Row and Lincoln Road.  The pathway next to these streets is actually The Great Trail, established last year on Canada’s 150th, and, what is apparently, the longest trail on the globe.

A cyclist slowly passed by, “What’s shakin’ up, Buddy?  What’s shakin’ up?”

“Not a great deal,” I shouted as he cycled on with his son.  “Enjoy the long weekend.”  It’s Victoria Day weekend in Canada.

Our host at the Norfolk Motel, Sema, had fifty people over.  Most of the folks were Bengalis.  That always brings me close to my guru, Prabhupada, who hails from Bengal—Kolkata actually.

We had kirtantogether.  We reflected on Chapter 10 of the Gitawherein the opulence of the Absolute is detailed.  I also spoke about Prabhupada himself, his struggles in the beginning, his successes, and the relevance they have to the world.

Today’s audience was different.  Chanting mantrasand quoting from sastrais not unfamiliar to them.  I believe some of them stay tuned by watching panditsspeak their words broadcast directly from Kolkata.

From Fredericton, we drove the long haul to Halifax.

May the Source be with you!
6 km

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