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Monday, May 7th, 2018

Toronto, Ontario

Just Today

I’m still reflecting on the guitar kirtan we had at Georgian Bluffs in amidst the rocks yesterday.  In that mood of sharing sacred sound in the out-of-doors, or at least seeking out the ideal location for such a venture in the city, Karuna Sindhu and I set out for a local park.

What we actually had in mind was to plan a place where we could perhaps regularly sit on the ground with a fancy madrasunder us for the summer months.  We actually have a sitar player now, our latest arrival, a monk by the name of Dwarkanath.  We are hopeful that with sitar and drum people in our neighbourhood would be enchanted.

Our location of consideration for such a happening is at the edge of Ramsden Park on Yonge Street, just where the subway has a stop.  People enter and exit there very consistently. There is grass and there are shady trees.  It looks good.

As we made our way back to our ashram we saw an elderly woman strenuously bending over to gather branches and twigs.  There was a storm that whipped through here last Friday taking down trees, damaging roof tops, etc.  The residual debris was left on her side-yard.

Karuna and I offered to help.  She was grateful.  She also mentioned how nice it was when we converted our driveway into a mini farmer’s market in the summer.  Our neighbours really like that.  So in addition to providing mystical music for the nearby folks, we should also endeavor to have for them some stalls with great organic produce.  It brings smiles and happy bellies to the locals.

May the Source be with you!
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