Sunday, 6 May 2018

Friday, May 4th, 2018

Ottawa, Ontario


Apollo is the name of a blue jay who is practically a ‘domestic’ feathered friend. He flies one inch above your head and will eat out of your hand.  I offered him a fig ball.  It was a big hit with him.  He’s well known in the bhakti-yoganeighbourhood, and when local kids stand, waiting for the school bus, he sometimes lands right on their shoulder.  We’re talking about the town of Russell.

Blue jays are not known for producing a beautiful song from their beak.  I prefer the white-throated sparrow or the iconic loon. Jays are rather aggressive—bold. I don’t mind as in the case of Apollo. He’s got guts coming close to we humans. His markings and colouration are gorgeous.  Notice the different blue tones.  He can do a great profile for you.

Most people know that the Toronto baseball team is called the Blue Jays.  I think it was a great idea for the team to secure that name back in 1976.  That was the year we moved into our monastery/temple at 243 Avenue Road in Toronto. Our neighbour across the street was a Blue Jays zealot and to make friends with him you had to be a team fan as well, and then you won his heart.

The coincidence here lies in the fact that we monks had this affinity for the Blue God, Krishna.  We were equally fanatical about Krishna as he was for the baseball team.

The common ground factor is the colour, BLUE.  It is a colour that calms.

May the Source be with you!
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