Friday, 16 February 2018

Wednesday, February 14th, 2018

Mayapura, West Bengal

Kill the Cold

On the 13th, Chaya got married.  It was also on the 13th that Anasuya from Mauritius was cremated in Jaipur, India.  Her son, Kirtan Das, just informed me about her situation.  It was cancer that took her life.  Here we see how janma (birth), mrtyuh (death), jara (old age) and vyadhi (disease) are in full swing in this mundane world.  We see it all around.

And as the yaksha had asked the sovereign Yudhisthira, “What is the most amazing wonder for you?”  His answer was, “Everywhere people are perishing but something within tells me I’m not going to die.”  That’s profound.

If anything, it’s the inner self, the soul, that insists on being constant.  We will die over again and again and the soul will persist.

With all the saintliness in the character of this gentle soul, Anasuya, I am certain she is on to a good journey.

Regarding vyadhi, illness, it is coming on, just a cold mind you, but it has taken me to bed for some extra time.  I was blessed to put effort into some writing about my walk in Israel but after some time desk-itis crept in.  I decided to put an hour into the final kirtan of the marathon.  The intent was to throw myself into the heat of it all.  A lot of dancing could put out the cold.  Sweat would do it.

We had a splendid time.  “A new way of dance,” remarked a couple of the participants.  Yes it was, and it did help.

Goodbye Stephen from London, Ontario.  Thanks for helping to introduce our play.

May the Source be with you!

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