Monday, 26 February 2018

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Noida / Delhi

Good Buddhi and Bad Boy

Buddhimanta, the co-ordinator for the ISKCON Noida Centre did all the right things.  Almost.  The one thing he couldn’t supply me with during my stay, in the progressive limb-of-Delhi City, was a quiet, safe place to walk.  A substantial length of traffic-free footpath would have been nice, but then I don’t expect him to be a miracle worker.  That is reserved for Bhagavan.

Buddhimanta did measure up to being that gentleman of a host, plus he got the show together.  For our “Many Mothers, Many Fathers,” productions, he did good promotion for a Thursday night event.  Even in India, the weekend is always the best scenario.

A huge sign was posted—my guess is about 8’ x 10’—in front of the temple.  Announcements were made about the “thrilling, chilling story from the Bhagavatam,” and tickets were sold.  Buddhi also saw to it that echo absorbers of any kind—carpets, chairs, foam around the pillars—were set up to address the sound quality.

The auditorium was packed.  Buddhi and I were pleased.  The audience was spontaneous.  Our techies and actors were spot on.  You could feel the power of the play.

It was our last performance—the tenth.  My emotions were high; one of them, a stored up anger, aroused from seeing one young man filming the whole play from his phone.  I have to mention this because swamis can be upset like anyone else.  The question is do you store anger, bottle it or channel it in some favourable way?  I had been seated in the front doing some voice-over for one actor and noticed the culprit.  I went over to him after the production and let him know of my disappointment and the lack of respect it was since we had announced, “No phones, no cameras.”  I felt better telling him.

May the Source be with you!

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