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Monday, January 29th, 2018

Mayapur, West Bengal

Special Person

There are great luminaries (persons) to be remembered today.  Among them is Sri Nityanada, known for His kindness in reaching out to the populace.  Along with Haridas, His companion, He ventured door to door encouraging whomever would answer to begin to take to the sankirtan process.

He was very successful.  His wife, Jahnavi, also excelled in touching hearts.  She became a devotional inspiration—a guru—and their place of operation was this part of the world—Bengal.

Nityananda had a very unique character and was very charismatic.  He was also labeled with the nomenclature avadhuta—very aloof from the world; even eccentric.

He was compassionate to the lowly humans, those who needed a break in life.  The prime example was that of the two brothers, Jagai and Madai.  They were drunkards, womanizers and engaged in all kinds of shenanigans.

A large abhisheka was held in the temple in His honour—a type of bathing with rich honey and creams, all over His murti (deity).  The main feature was chanting, of course, with great food to follow.

I offered my short walks in dedication to Him.   I reflected on the big load He shouldered in terms of helping so many people, and as I was in that frame of mind, our walking party came upon a parked Tata truck with an unimaginable load of straw.  If there was one more straw added it might break the truck or flatten the tires.  It took on a lot.  This was inspirational! 

May the Source be with you!

5 km

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