Monday, 5 February 2018

Thursday, February 1st, 2018

Mayapura, West Bengal

Under The Trees

Before sunrise, the trees shed tears of dew. They, and all other vegetation, accept a bath from the moon’s rays. Frenzy-like birds flit about from branches to ground to rooftops and out over the Ganges. Many varieties of them take to the freedom of the skies.

The boys and I took to a trail between the fields and arrived at Vaikuntanath’s, a bead salesman. He’s approaching eighty soon. He welcomed us with no lack of hospitality. As is expected, happily we chanted in their crammed but cozy living space. For that, our reward was a mini-breakfast with date ras to top it off. This drink is the sap of the trees, and most of the men with me had not experienced lips to the ambrosial nectar. It was divine.

At least it fuelled me for a special engagement. This time, the girls’ division of the SMIS school hosted myself and brahmachari assistant, Karuna Sindhu, for a theatre workshop. Yes, the girls are preparing two dramas for upcoming festivities and their teachers are saying they lack confidence.

“Okay, so I’ll do some warm-up exercises with them,” I expressed to Ajaya, the principal. It went well.

In addition to the time with the younger sector, I continually bump into peers—sannyasis (monks), godbrothers, and sisters. And let’s not forget the interaction with local pilgrims who come in the thousands everyday.

May the Source be with you!
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